Testimonials of "September 2020 - Sunya"

SABLU Sept. 29, 2020

Please Add the list of various fossil species found this year. It will be very helpful. Thank you

MANOJKUMAR Oct. 13, 2020

This is very helpful but if is possible in sectorwise like polity, environment, culture....Etc it is easy for revision in every month pdf

HARPREET Oct. 25, 2020

It is much easier to read and remind topic wise compilation, i just want to thank Sunya team for their dedication to providing us best content. One request from my side is to please try to upload the section wise compilation before 15th of month. :) :)

Keshavakumar m n Nov. 7, 2020

Sir in test series make seperately question paper and solutions

Ritu Sept. 22, 2020

this is really good that you have added half september month ca too ,good work

Kunwar Oct. 14, 2020

Please compile your notes on similar line of segregated notes like environment in separate,polity separate

vasanth Oct. 19, 2020

As This Topic wise Initiative was good and It is easier to revise the monthly magazine. HEARTY WISHES TO THE SUNYA TEAM FOR GIVING US THEIR BETTER....... THANK YOU.