Econimc Survey Vol_1

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Anurag April 14, 2020

Very well complied with even the minute things not missed.Really appreciate this initiative and the efforts they put in, since its inception. This is already my 3rd year following it i.e. since 2018.

Atul April 9, 2020

Wonderful. Pls release vol2 soon

Prashanth April 7, 2020

Sir its very unique and covered everything in a crispy way. Thank you so much

Vikas April 6, 2020

Amazing sir...Sir I am waiting for march sunya notes and volume 2..

Archana April 2, 2020

I have no idea what I would do without Sunya notes..for the first time i am confident about upcoming prelims.. This has become my reading thing after my own notes over any overhyped material in the market.. The best thing to have was the Segregated notes.

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