Testimonials of "2.2) Data - MCB 2020"

Rambabu Oct. 21, 2020

Kindly provide 1. important supreme court cases in the historical context and 2. Recent (past 3 yrs) judgements.

NAVEEN Oct. 21, 2020

Just superb. Everything at a place.

Priyatosh Oct. 27, 2020

Thanx Sunya IAS. Pls start an initiative to provide 250 word quality content for each syllabus topic of GS. It consumes a lot of time researching and seeing your expertise we all can trust you as one stop source for mains.

Priyatosh Oct. 27, 2020

As providing quality content on each syllabus topic would need lot of effort from your side, extra charges can be incurred. We trust Sunya IAS and willing to pay for it without a second thought.

RAVI Oct. 25, 2020

Just awesome....mind blowing work done by sunya...feeling confident about mains this time...only because of you.

Rambabu Oct. 21, 2020

Dear Team Sunya, U r the real savior for me. Thanks alot. Keep doing the good work. -Ram

Ashok Oct. 27, 2020

Dear Sunya IAS . Please provide some sample pdfs of your mains programme . It would help us in making better choices. Please kindly provide a months's document here . Thank You

Priyatosh Oct. 27, 2020

Dear Sunya IAS, as you guys already know the importance of preparing strictly acc to syllabus for GS in mains. Committee recommendations, current example related with syllabus topic would go a long way.